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Since 1954, Dexcomm has become an expert in telephone answering services such as taking accurate messages and delivering a quality customer service experience to our callers. Our Virtual Receptionist services evolved out of our experiences and lessons learned while mastering the answering service business. Many of our clients recognized that they had expertise running their businesses but found it more efficient to their business to leave the receptionist duties to people who are experts on the phone so that they could free up their time.

Our dedicated customer service team will spend time getting to know exactly what you need in a receptionist. We can provide reminder services, scheduling, eReply, as well as email, fax-to-email, and voice mail screening and alerts.

Virtual Receptionist services are great for small business owners and partners at firms who want to avoid the overhead of a full-time receptionist while providing a professional, 24/7 presence to your business’ communications. Our representatives are highly trained and monitored to provide great customer service so that you don’t have to go through the hassle of hiring and supervising extra staff members. Business owners who spend a lot of time outside of the office or on the road find our Virtual Receptionists the perfect solution.

Utilizing both our Virtual Receptionist services and our Web Portal Access has proven to be an excellent small business solution combination. Our Web Portal allows you to listen to every call we answer for you. It also gives you real-time entry into our technology and allows us to make information available to your callers about your products, services, events, or any additional information you want to provide.


  • Scheduling
  • Answer frequently asked questions
  • Forward calls or messages via text, email, fax, or direct to your extension
  • Route and transfer calls to any extension
  • Hold messages for you until you are ready for them, if you wish.




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