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Starting Over: Choosing Alternate Career Paths

September 23, 2016


Discover Alternate Career Opportunities That Are Right for You

Many people choose careers based on parental guidance and approval, financial reasons, and acceptability in their social context rather than choosing jobs and careers that are aligned with who they are as individuals. People who choose careers based on external factors rather than intrinsic reward often find themselves in the midst of “alignment crisis” or what is commonly referred to as “mid-life crisis.” They become burdened with debt and other financial obligations under their current career earnings and find it hard to escape the trap of these obligations in order to find a career that is more aligned with who they are. Making the choice to explore other options is a big step in the search process and an important one if alignment is important to you.









Making a career change isn’t easy, but a little reflection can go a long way…. follow these easy steps in discovering alternate career paths that are right for you.


Get to Know Yourself Again

What makes you tick? What is easy for you? What do you love? What are you naturally attracted to? Consider doing some exploration within your community. Join different groups that are attractive to you and contribute in ways that feel good to you. You’ll know you’re on target when your contribution is something that really excites you.

Work Styles

Next, do some discovery around working styles that feel right to you. For example, what work environment encourages the most creativity and productivity from you? Do you work best with lots of structure or do you require less? What work schedule fits your needs and how flexible do you need it to be? Do you enjoy working with others or do you prefer working alone? Do you love being indoors or outdoors? All of these factors will help you to determine how, when, and where you work best. In addition, are you comfortable working in high stress situations, or do you prefer to leave the office without bringing thoughts of work into your home? It is important to think about how much of your life you want to dedicate to your career.

What is Your Monthly Income Requirement?

Remember that most expenses are choices, so if a career change involves a reduction in income, it is important to decide whether or not the career change is more important than purchasing a newer vehicle, for example. Making conscious choices about how you spend your money will help support you in your career goals. The less encumbered we are financially will contribute to how free we are in making career changes and other choices and decisions in life.

Outside Assistance

Consider taking a career assessment either online or with an employment agency or university. These tests can help you discover careers that are aligned with who you are that you may have never known existed. Once you’ve targeted a career that you are interested in, look for people in your community currently employed in that type of work. Consider doing job shadowing or meeting with someone to learn more about the day-to- day work that is involved. Consider taking small steps in getting acquainted with the type of work you’re attracted to before you blindly take a big jump.

Begin Searching

Begin a job search for your new career path. Put the word out on the street that you are looking. Make business cards, market yourself, take classes, and start living it. Remain positive and open and know that it will happen. Don’t force the process; live it instead. The time it takes to career alignment and discovery is different for everyone. Some may gain clarity overnight, and some may take years to discover the perfect fit for them. Don’t rule out creativity when it comes to identifying the perfect career path for yourself. If the job doesn’t exist, how can you create supply and demand for your contribution to the world?

Remember, the most successful people are usually successful because of their love for what they do rather than their drive for financial success or external drivers. Do what you love and the money will follow…. trust yourself! To read more about finding the right career path for you, click here.


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