Training Process

We take great pride in dedicating our time and resources to ensure the success and confidence of each of our employees.

Dexcomm’s training process is focused on our customers and their industries, which include medical and non-medical fields. This paid training includes several weeks of hands-on coaching and role play from experienced professionals.

This initial process consists of three weeks of educating our new hires. The first week covers basic system knowledge, policies, and procedures. Week two focuses on potential on-call scenarios and role play simulations. In the final week of the new employees training, they take on live calls with the supervision of a professional trainer.

training process, answering service

Once the trained employee has completed his/her initial three weeks of training, they are assigned a buddy to shadow and work with while answering live calls. This step-by-step guidance ensures that the calls are being handled properly and that the new employee grows in confidence, which is critical to their success.

The learning process is never over. We have continuous ongoing training to keep our employees up to date on policies, procedure, and best practices. Operators are trained on each new account to guarantee customer satisfaction.

Every employee participates in coaching sessions with a senior team member for both professional and personal development. This emphasis on work-life balance keeps our employees growing and learning throughout their career with Dexcomm.