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Just Listen

I wrote that I would be focusing on Listening for the next few weeks.  During this time I am going…

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Customer Service and Soda Service

I have written a couple of times about serving coffee and soda to employees at my office.  There is a…

February 15, 2015 Read More

Soda Service Encore

When I last wrote about serving coffee and soda I mentioned a successful encounter at a local Subway.  I eat…

February 5, 2015 Read More

Be an Active Listener

For the next few weeks I am going to focus on listening.  I will spend time re-reading Dr. Mark Goulston’s…

February 2, 2015 Read More

Serving Soda, Water & Ice

As I mentioned last time, I have been serving coffee and soda in the office at the recommendation of Paul…

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Serving Soda and Coffee

My goal for this week will be to buy or serve soda and coffee.  Once again this idea is from…

January 23, 2015 Read More

Sincere Greeting

My goal this week was to greet people sincerely.  More completely, my goal was to avoid the simple greeting of:…

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Give a Sincere Greeting

Week 2: Give someone a Sincere Greeting I read the book “Carrots and Sticks Don’t Work” by Paul Marciano.  It…

January 16, 2015 Read More

Meeting Mollie and Midnight

January 15, 2015 Open the Door for a Stranger My goal for the week was to “Open the door for a…

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