The spirit that is Dexcomm has been alive and dedicated to our customers for over 60 years. It is defined by our enthusiasm, our culture, our commitment to our customers, callers, and co-workers. It motivates us to treat every caller as if they are the most important person in the world, and when we are connected to them, they are.

About Dexcomm

When we conduct new applicant interviews, we tell prospective employees they must be passionate about helping others who work here. We tell them if there is a hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico, we will ask them to take care of their home, their family, and then come to work. We speak of our continuous training, homework, and study that are required to excel in our business. We describe the classes on listening and of the PowerPoint presentations they must create about our clients to teach co-workers how best to serve each prospect.

Every employee at Dexcomm is infused with a desire to serve, a yearning to help others, and the aspiration to fully develop their own potential. We work together to have a positive impact on the lives of thousands of people—our customers and callers—every day. Our values, our history, and our experience together define the spirit of service within each of us.