Call Center Services

Many businesses find our call center services indispensable. Dexcomm picked up the basics in Traditional Answering Service experiences and expanded our training programs to offer solutions for companies that need more than just a message.

Client Relationship

The client’s mission and values become the guidelines for our team when handling calls.

Getting to know our clients allows us to deliver first-tier customer support for them. We’ll use the extensive knowledge of our client’s business to help troubleshoot problems and resolve them without tying up key members of their team.

Dexcomm will interface with third-party software or Web applications to serve our clients. These include client relationship management tools, dispatching applications, scheduling software, and internally developed customer applications to service their business.

Client Solutions

We can handle your call volume, no matter how large or small. Our clients expect minimal hold and wait times, and Dexcomm delivers. Clients can expect a professional, friendly voice to quickly reach their callers. We monitor our staffing levels and call traffic data in real-time in order to deliver the best service to our clients.

Dexcomm also provides customized reporting solutions for call center clients. Beyond traditional call details, we can mine data for our customers about their types of calls, where they come from, and what they are about. Our knowledge allows you to run your business more efficiently and results in greater profits.

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